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Pilot Cities

Myrhorod is an ancient city in Poltavaska Oblast in central Ukraine. As the administrative centre of the Myrhorodskyi Raion (district), it has a population of approximately 40,000 inhabitants. The main energy problems of the city’s building stock, such as very high energy losses and low comfort levels, can be found in its 26 multi-family residential panel buildings.

Since the municipality has no experience in the refurbishment of multi-family panel buildings, Project cooperation focuses on the analysis of energy consumption and costs, the development of technical solutions for energy efficient refurbishment and the introduction and establishment of integrated planning and tendering procedures to pave the way for comprehensive and holistic energy saving measures. Through cost-benefit calculations, feasible financial concepts will be worked out among various stakeholders including the municipality, apartment owners, credit institutions and potential donors.

During the second phase of the Project, the municipality intends to implement the exemplary refurbishment of a multi-family residential panel building as a pilot project.

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