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Pilot Cities

Ivano-Frankivsk is the administrative centre of the same-named Oblast in south-western Ukraine with a population of approximately 215,000 inhabitants. Most of its public buildings are schools and kindergartens. Roughly 80% of the city’s 470 multi-family residential buildings are brick, while about 20% are constructed of prefabricated concrete panels.

The city administration understands the comprehensive refurbishment of its building stock as a long-term process, especially as the public budget is very tight. Therefore, the city is interested in exploring the balance between comparably “simple” cost-effective ways of optimizing its building stock that could deliver valuable results for the other partner cities.

While the city administration has already launched different approaches to improve communal district heating, through the Project it intends to prepare and implement the refurbishment of either a public or a multi-family residential prefabricated concrete panel building as a pilot project.

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