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As the administrative centre of the Chernihivska Oblast in northern Ukraine, the historic city of Chernihiv has a population of approximately 300,000 inhabitants. From a total of 155 public buildings, the largest share is held by 105 educational buildings such as schools, nursery schools and universities. About 70% of residential buildings are multi-family buildings with the remaining 30% as single family houses.

At present, the city administration directs its main efforts on improving the energy management of its municipal buildings through:

  • Identification of potential measures to reduce energy consumption and to optimize technical system operation of in buildings;
  • Distribution of energy budget funds among different public users, such as schools, hospitals and others and;
  • Definition of priorities for investment in energy efficiency measures in buildings.

Therefore, the main focus of cooperation lies in the development of a coherent energy monitoring and control system for the city's municipal buildings.

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